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August 07, 2019



Such a sweet note and sounds just like you!

Julie Peddicord

I wish I had your way with words. And yes, everyone wants to feel appreciated even for the tiniest of things. It's always nice when someone acknowledges that. It sounds like she not only made an impression on Evan but you also made an impression on her.


I love this....

SD Boy

Great life lessons, mom.


Again - thank you for sharing! Hugs!


Such a great reminder. I love this!!

AP Man

Pretty awesome. Is that my 2nd grade teacher? She was the best. One of my all-time fav's


I love you Catherine. I’ve not been regular in sending cards, etc but I hope you have always felt my sincere love and gratitude to you and Scott for everything you do and for just being you. You have blessed my life since you first came into it and I will never ever forget your visits to me in the hospital when Scott was on a mission and I was in traction. You are a beautiful light in this world.

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