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October 03, 2018


Joyce D

Oh dear Catherine, of course we are the way we are, and we would feel bad if we tried to fill the "Mary" role and not completed (or as nearly so as we could humanly manage) our role. Sometimes, it is hard being the one that can see both sides. Sometimes, it is hard being the one that doesn't "win" - ok - all the time it is hard. Sometimes we don't like feeling like chopped liver. But we can be happy with what we do, because we know we do it the best we can. Love you for sharing, and love you for you!

AP Man

We love ya, Ma. Thanks for keeping us all organized.

Eye guy

Good post. Rings true in different ways for me. Thanks Mom!


Mama, we love you! I hope you know that we also embrace your inner Martha, even in those moments when it seems like we don’t. The constant urge to “be flexible“ is not a criticism of who you are, I’m sure of that. There is no one in this family that would question your competence or your contributions to all of us! I definitely think you are “enough”. I think the challenge is to realize that while we are enough just being who we are, God intends us to be even more. I would hope that anyone asking you to stretch and change would be doing so in a loving manner with a reminder that through Christ our weaknesses can become strengths. The trouble arises, I suspect, from the imperfections of others. we don’t always offer opportunities for growth with the same positivity and unconditional love as our savior does. I hope that you still know we love you!


Catherine I always love to read your posts!! You speak to my heart and validate many many feelings as well!! I am very similar to yourself, can't do the last minute things like my DH would do, but I have learned that's how HE runs!! I hope you have a mile list of "once in a lifetimes" you would like to do!!! And take him or leave him!!!

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