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July 30, 2016



Although I am not a faithful commenter, I am a faithful reader. I check your blog every single day and really do enjoy all of your "ramblings," especially the "what I know" series. I do hope you will continue blogging. My day wouldn't be the same without it.

SD Boy

Wait the second truck broke down?!?!? Sounds like they can go to the cabin and you can fly out and visit us. We'll even do the cooking.

Laura L.

I would miss your blogging if you stopped. I don't always comment but I do enjoy keeping up with you and your beautiful family!
I hope they get the truck fixed and are able to continue on their trip. I'm sure that's what they want, and we know it's what you want! ;) Although I'm sure SD Boy's offer doesn't sound too bad!


oh man! I'm thinking you Patriotic projects happen bc every year when you're unpacking the goods, you think "I could use something right here or here" but then you don't finish it in time so the next year you think the same thing and start something NEW.... and when you finally get them all completed you'll decide you don't have enough space for them all and need another tub for your patriotic decorations!

Hoping you get your YOU time with lots of TLC/HGTV, plenty of sewing/crafting, and quiet time! and hoping they all survive this less-than-ideal start to the Windrivers!


OH, and SD Boy's comment had me laughing out loud! Why didn't I dibs your visit first? :)


I never could relate to your hate the heat posts. Till now. Maybe it's age, but I'm sweating all the time now, and it's less than 90. Although we have no AC, so it's hotter inside. We are spending lots of time driving around in my AC car and in cool places.
And don't ever stop blogging :)


Oh that ketchup face!!!!!

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