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June 10, 2016



I'm the same way when it comes to confrontation. It's sometimes embarrassing when trying to deal with things and the tears appear. Love you! Hugs.

AP man

Thanks for your kind, considerate nature, Mom. We all have been the beneficiaries of your example and your love. (but sometimes a nice punch to the face, or a nice pile-drive to the face, goes a loooooooong way....)


Love this.
And also love the disclaimer that you aren't dictating to anyone other than your children :) Made me smile.

SD Boy's Wife

Totally needed this today. Thanks Mom!

Melanie L.

I'm just like you--non-confrontational and not quick at comebacks! You are so awesome with words, Catherine. Thanks for posting this!


Love this, as I have loved all of your "things I know" posts. You could be describing me when you talk about non-confrontational, think of the perfect thing to say AFTER the fact, it's me to a tee. Thanks for this post.

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