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July 06, 2015



So sorry to hear of your loss. From reading your many entries about Irene over the years I get a sense of how special she was.

AP man

I always liked going over there to collect offerings or pull weeds. She was a very kind person.

Jen M

I'm sorry for your loss.


I am so very sorry. I always felt as if I knew her through you and I am deeply saddened as well.

Carolyn F

I'm so sorry to hear of your friend's passing.


So sorry to hear about Irene's passing. She left a beautiful memory.

your favorite son's wife

So sorry, Mama. I know you will miss her deeply. I also know she is proud of you and that you will CONTINUE to honor her legacy by YOUR kindness and service to others.


This makes me so sad. I love that you had such a wonderful friend and that she is such a great lady and example.

Lil Sis

What a wonderful lady and a great example. I agree with you that, as long as we live, we never have an excuse for being inconsiderate and unkind to those around us. If the Savior had lived to be 85 or more, would he have been rude and abrupt with those around him? I think not.

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