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March 05, 2015



Thanks for another lovely and insightful post. I really enjoy your "things I know" series.

SD Boy

Im just glad that you included a picture of my hot big boy pants.

your favorite son's wife

lol, SD Boy! You are funny!

and I also love this post Mama. Eric must have learned the "will whining about it fix anything?" from his dad bc I've needed it said to me on more than one occasion. :) It isn't easy to be positive when things are tough. And though I DO appreciate a good cry when it is merited, what follows is always the imperative to put those big girl pants on and slog through the difficulty. :)

SD Boy's wife

They are pretty hot pants ;) And Marc is also good at helping me realize "whining isn't going to help anything" and likes to tell me "You're an Allan now. You can do anything." So it looks like he listened to you growing up :)

AP man

It's true, there are a pair of pants for every occasion. Sometimes the medium-boy-pants just don't cut the mustard. Me, I was born with my big boy pants on. In fact, I can't get them off anymore. They seem to be welded on...


I really needed to hear this. Thanks.
Although my alternative is to take those big girl pants and go live on some beach in Mexico. Beats what it is now.


I have had to put lots of those big girl pants on! Not always easy.

Lil Sis

I hear you. Sometimes you just have to deal with what you've been dealt- however painful.

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