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February 13, 2015



Well I'm not afraid to be first, Laura. Sign me up! :)

your favorite son's wife

so is this kind of like giving away meat from the deep freeze so that another hunt can happen? I'm seeing a parallel... :P But hey, I'd be THRILLED to receive 10 of your lovely cards!


Thanks Catherine. I'd love to be the lucky recipient.


Commenting for Heidi from FB

Joyce D

awww - your cards are always so well done! I'd love to receive a 10 pack and help enable you to have room to make more! LOL


Your cards are so beautiful always!! And my husband would like to know where to get in on the Cabela's share the love! ;)


Since I don't make cards, I would Love some of your beautiful cards!


I'm cracking up at the comment at how your giving away "meat" justifies more hunting. :-)

I am a card maker but my stash has dwindled to about a dozen cards so I'm putting myself in for the running this time around.


How fun! Pick me! Pick me!


Your cards are the best! I'd love some :)

Cynthia B.

I think your cards are the best! You always put much more detail into them than I do when I make cards. Sign me up, please.
Just tryin to help out, 'ya know. ;)

Laura L.

I would love some of your cards. They are so hard to send off though. :)


Love Elisa's comment!! Crossing my fingers for cards! ;)

Lil Sis

Cards, cards, cards, cards, CARDS!!


I have been wanting to make cards ahead of time to have a nice selection when an event comes up. It would be fun to have some cards to get me started!

Carolyn F

I would never pass on your lovely cards. ME!


Ooooooo... me!


Pick me and you save on shipping!

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