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March 20, 2014



I agree. I have much younger friends that have babies and toddlers. Amazing how much they spend on birthday parties, presents, and professional photographers for each event.


Yep! I see all of these things on Pinterest and blogs and I think they are all nuts. The elaborate parties and ways to keep everything in a color coordinated organizing system you hand made from random items. It can be discouraging to see everything you AREN'T doing. I spend a crazy amount of time cleaning, because I can't handle the mess. Other than that, I leave things pretty open. Sometimes all we do is watch a show together, but at least we did it together.

BTW, good to know I am not the only one subjected to my boys passing gas and it being the funniest thing on the planet. I hope it quits being funny one day, but I won't hold my breath.

your favorite son

Well, to be fair, I think Dad has some magazine articles that showcase taxidermy.


Great thing to know.

Every holiday I feel like I need to have a huge pinterest spectacular event. I can't live up to that pressure. St Patricks day we had green pancakes. That's it.
I found when I take the kids somewhere awesome the favorite thing is running through the puddle or rolling down the hill- which can be done anywhere for free. So true that kids just want to spend time together and know they are loved.

your favorite son's wife

You got quite a response on this one already, which means you must have really nailed it! I remember one time when spgb#1 was 2 and I was on the computer trying to look up a local event to take her to...you know, to be a good mom and get my child out of the house to something fun... and she came and plaintively put her little hand on my knee and said, "Mommy, you play with me? I need you be my best friend!" Since then it has always been me being reminded as often as is needful (which can be pretty often) that what the girlies really want from mommy is TIME, not events. At least that takes the pressure off of having the perfect treat or whatever because THEY get more enjoyment if they help make it, so perfection is usually out!

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