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September 20, 2013


Lil Sis

Ah, the things college kids will do for free food! Nasty puffer fish.

SD Boy's wife

That is SOOOO awesome!! I wish SD Boy and I had known about that when we were there!


I actually did know that it was talk like a pirate day but can honestly say, I didn't participate. Not even once. Lol!

So how many donuts does one receive when conversing in pirate?

your favorite son's wife

LOVE the fun pirate promotion AND her enthusiastic participation! That puffer fish makes the get-up complete, I tell ya. :)

and I DID know it was talk like a pirate day, but it was also Korean Chuseok (Harvest Moon--one of two biggest holidays in the country) and I was thinking along those lines all day instead of pirates. :) Next year Chuseok will not coincide with pirates (lunar calendar holidays move around), so I'll do something swashbuckling and fun for pirate day!

the girl

technically, I only got 1 donut for talking like a pirate the others were for dressing up like a pirate.


I am so glad she is having so much fun! Great photos.

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