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July 31, 2013


Jen M

I'm from Iowa originally! Great place! Cold winters though, although I guess you guys are all used to that! Good luck to them all!


Goodbyes are hard. Hugs.

Little Sis

I'm in your camp- wouldn't be able to do it either. One month is not that long to wait.

Carolyn F

Awww, you can make it another month!


One month? Really. Wow- that time flew right by... for me.
Good byes are hard. I'm with you.


I couldn't do it either. But a month will fly by and he will be home. Where does he go after this ?


I was wondering - but totally understand. That would be oh so hard - specially since the Girl is going off to college soon too - just way to much leaving. Iowa is a wonderful place - and really not as flat as you have been lead to believe. It doesn't have the Rocky Mountains or even the Blue Ridge Mountains, but it does have rolling hills - just ask anyone who as bicycled across it on RAGBRI! Glad they can all meet for a meal! Hugs! And I have relatives in Norwalk, Des Moines, Palo, Lisbon, Anamosa, Monticello, and Oxford Junction - so if they need anything, just saying, I have family close. More hugs.

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