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April 19, 2013


Little Sis

Well, there you go. After all that stress it looks beautiful! You pulled it off!


Wow! It is a beautiful and she looks amazing! She is lucky to have a sewing mom who could fix it. Peyton would be stuck in the punk Barbie dress.


Beautiful dress! What a crazy story. You are such a hero.
I take from that story that I should just save now so I can buy the expensive dress. Luckily here we don't have proms, so it's only the grad dress.


I think I'll order Meg's from this seamstress I know in Idaho.


She is certainly beautiful in the prom dress. So glad you could save the day! Wear that cape proudly!


She looks beautiful! Wonderful and fun photos and wtg fixing the issues.

Joyce DeLong

She is beautiful and you work amazing magic with needle & thread! Amazing!

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