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April 16, 2013


Little Sis

Ah, well. That's just the way it goes sometimes I guess.


Ya, Aaron used to try to get me to stay home from his BB games - sorry Charlie, I'm your mom, and I'm going to be there :)

your favorite son's wife

lol, that is hilarious! did she know you were there?


I think there is a law in the Mom Book that you are allowed no matter what to attend sporting events and concerts and performances of any kind and the "child" does not have any say in the matter. Yes, in fact, I looked it up and there it is rule #15.3 on page 105 of The Mom Book! ;)


I'm "allowed" to attend and watch events but my camera has been banned.


I'd be happy to have a reason to stay home :)
Can she sense your presence? Can you go incognito?
Made me laugh.

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