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February 14, 2013



So true.
I always did thank you notes. Dh never. So it's been a struggle to get that going for my kids. I'm ashamed to say that we started Christmas thank yous and after major tantrums, have yet to finish it. Must be done this week. So I can mail them with my late valentines cards. ugh. One day I'll be on top of things. Hopefully.

Love that they sent you notes and that you sent one back. So kind.

Little Sis

Amen! It's always nice to know that someone appreciates your efforts, isn't it? Way to "sparkle!"

Cynthia B.

I am so with you on this! I did taught a Junior Achievement class for my daughter's Kinder class years ago, and I wasn't happy because no one else volunteered to help. Well, along come the ADORABLE thank-you notes from the little tykes, and guess who taught for first grade, second grade, and is still helping out with the same program?
Yup, a simple thank you goes a long way.
Love your story about this wonderful teacher! And kudos to you for tackling those 6 sharps!


That's so nice! I got a bunch of Valentine cards and candy from my first graders today which really made my day. I volunteer once a week in their classroom, at a school my daughter no longer attends, because I love helping. It's so nice though to feel appreciated.


writing thank you notes is almost a lost art - thanks for keeping it alive!

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