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November 06, 2012


Little Sis

I did it by mail this year - no long lines to wait in!


We don't have set elections date, so when they decide to do an election it usually happens fast. Not sure if it's specific to 6 weeks, but it's all done pretty fast. It's different also because we don't get to vote specifically for the prime minister. We vote for the candidate in your area, and then whichever party wins the most, the leader of that party is the prime minister. I wish we could vote for both the area and prime minister.
Hope the voting goes well!


So True! Will be glad when this is over, but for a while now we have to listen to why one lost and why one won whine!
We voted early and so glad!

Carolyn F

I was #9 in my precinct to vote. Glad to see you be so non-partisan, and so PRO-VOTING.

Now let's hope whoever wins is good for our nation!

your favorite son's wife

Only 20 minute lines for us. SPG #1 was a gem. SPG #2 couldn't understand WHY i wouldn't let her run around in this massive gym with cool machines every where. She was not so happy. When we got to our booth, I laid her down behind me with a bottle and made it a FAST voting session. I'm proud to say that I beat her. I finished before she downed the bottle. and you know that is sayin somethin!

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