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January 11, 2012


Little Sis

You are 100% right here. Your shower wisdom is right on the spot.


love those photos. lol. my dh was not a hunter at all until after marriage then it comes out that he's always wanted to hunt. And then there were even more surprises. So.. some things change and not always for the better.
I'm still hoping I can tweak some things my kids do :)


Shower wisdom. . . you are right about these things. My wisdom usually comes in dreams.


My wisdom comes while running. So my first thought was ... Is there a prize for guessing which kids go with what trait? Lol!

SD Boy's wife

I love that picture of the butterfly clips in SD boy's hair!! And even though I don't have as much wisdom as you do yet, I have realized that people don't change much. And I wanted to thank you for raising such good boys, because if my DH never changes, I would perfectly fine with that! :)

your favorite son

It's true. Some things never really change. I'm still your favorite son. I'm still really good at minesweeper. Passing gas still makes us laugh. The list goes on and on. Honestly though, I'm glad my parents were so conscientious. If it weren't for you, Mummy, I'd probably be single, in a basement playing computer games, with only one remaining hand.


My deep thinking happens when running.
I agree with what you said about personalities.
I do think change is possible but I think it is very hard for people and takes a lot of work and time.

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