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December 19, 2011


Little Sis

Me too! It's good for me to play with someone smarter than me- it fends off the Alzheimer's!


haha. I need one. My brain is gone.

your favorite son's wife

when Eric and I play scrabble, I usually end up crying. I just get so competitive and he is so dang smart... so I would probably do a ton of crying competing against folks I don't know who are really good at the app. Probably better that I don't have it.


Hahahahaha! Have you tried Fishtropolis? It's pretty fun, and maybe a little less aggressive than Scrabble. Hehe.


I jest played a triple letter with a z against Julie! Yeah, me! she gave me you name so I am going to find you too!


Sounds like fun!
If I ever get a device that can play this game, it would be right up my alley.

Laura L.

I love playing Scrabble but the one time I tried Words with Friends I played against an "unknown" and I felt less than smart with the words that person was playing.


I finally had to delete the app from my phone... I was spending too much time on it... and not enough time on other things in life... but I really really miss it... sigh.

Fee K

i'm sciencegrl2009 i think ....look me up! :)


Love playing that. I can cheat too!


See what you've been missing?

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