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May 09, 2011



I say Canada! I suppose I have to be more specific... so I'd love to say Edmonton, but I think it will be Vancouver. Or possibly Halifax.
How very exciting!!

Little Sis

In honor of the recent Kentucky Derby- Louisville, Kentucky.

SD Boy

North Dakota.


While I know the family would like to keep him stateside - somehow, Ireland is coming to mind. Hope I'm wrong!

Renee Lynch Hicks

I really have no idea, but I'll say Chicago, IL. It just popped into my head. BTW, he looks great!!! Things seem to be moving right along.


Tokyo, Japan.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Del Rio Texas




Minneapolis, Minnesota

Favorite Son

Kyiv, Ukraine

Jamie Sefcik

I say California and Brady says Brazil!

Your favorite son

I say Arkansas and my mom says Illinois. SPGB#1 says... nah, j/k. That would be cheating.

your favorite son

SPGB #1 says Ohio.
SPGB #2 says Texas

your favorite son

ooh, wait, someone already said Texas. SPGB #2 changes her mind. She now says Missouri.

Jen M in South Korea

Well how about I say South Korea and promise to visit and take care of him for you!! :)

your favorite son

Well, since someone already pulled a fast one and swiped Brazil from me, I'm going to have to guess Edinburgh Scotland. Either that or the Bikini Islands....


OK, I'm going for Canada, but am having a hard time nailing down a part. I'll work on that.


I'm going for Scotland.
Matt picks France.
I'll have to nail the girls down later.

Leisel Reeser

Bruce says Canada, and if that's taken, he's hoping for Los Angeles!

Mia says Japan, if that's taken, then Mexico.

I'm guessing New York and I'll get back to you with Daryl's guess.


Olivia picks Ohio.

Riley and Sammi used their usual Spin The Globe and Point technique and came up with:

Riley - Haiti (sorry)
Sammi - Poland


Kent picks England

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