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May 04, 2009



I couldn't stand asparagus as a kid either but love it now. And for the record...cooked cabbage, brussel sprouts and lima beans are the only veggies I refuse to eat. There are others I may not care for but can eat if necessary...but not those.

This looks really good!


thanks for the recipe - OK - I would try it this way! LOL


This sounds delish! I love asparagus,grilled with olive oil and garlic. My only won't eat veggie is eggplant.

Little Sis


Renee' Hicks

I love asparagus too, but like you, not until in my 20's. My husband has the brussel sprouts veto going. He did tell me when we were dating that that was where he drew the line. If I ever cooked them, he would not eat them. So, guess what? We don't have brussel sprouts. Fine with me.

MaryRuth Francks

this looks sooooooooooooooo good!!!

And I loooooooooove cooked cabbage... little bit of butter and some salt and pepper... yummy!

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