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September 01, 2008



Wow, I can see where that is a bit disconcerting. But two ridges is still a good distance, right? It's going to be ok. Beautiful country.


That would make me unsettled. Stay safe!

Karen Helmka

Scary! I hope they get things under control! Keep us posted.


I can see how that could be a bit unsettling! I hope that they continue to control it. Did the guys go back today?


Man, Catherine....that's just crzy. fire is not joke though. so unpredictable


Wow! that is still scary that far away. Hope they continue to control the fire

Laura L.

That would be a little scary, just seeing the smoke. It does sound like the FS has a good eye on it all though. I'll keep up the positive thoughts that your place continues to be safe!


Scary is right. Still hoping for more of that rain and no wind.

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