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August 21, 2008



That's too funny! I actually kind of like mowing the lawn. ;)


omg catherine that is just hilarious. She does look very put upon, doesn't she. Who knows, maybe she'll learn to love it (i'll go ahead and hold my breath on that one)


I must say, she's the prettiest "yard guy" I've ever seen.

I'm an odd one because I always liked to mow...but usually had to have someone help me get it started.

You do know that even if they share the chore 50/50 this coming year they'll both be whining that they do it all. ROFLMBO!


OMG'sh too funny!! I was going to say, can't wait to see the layout but that might be 7 years down the road ;)
I'm with Julie, she's the prettiest yard guy ever


This is so funny, she does have the teenage attitude look, but like everyone else, the prettiest yard guy around!

Cynthia B.

I do have to agree that she does NOT look excited about this. You'll have to tell her that her hair looks so cute in her ponytail while she slaves away. And...let us know what you hear back from her bros. about seeing the pics of their little sis! At least the mower is self-propelled, no?


Love it!! I am sure her brothers appreciated the pictures!

Karen Helmka

This is so funny! She does look put upon but maybe she will come to like it. I also like to mow the grass. Great photos!

Laura L.

I can just hear her brothers now! Although she doesn't look too thrilled about her chore, it's good for her to know how to do it. Good parents know that ;)


amazing she didn't also have on chaps to avoid any stones or sticks that could get flung. But I agree - character building ...

Anita Ford

That is way too funny. Not only does Katy mow and weed whack, she helped build her own bedroom when she was about 13. So tell Elise things could be far worse. ;)

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