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August 28, 2008


Karen Helmka

YUM! Great photos.
We did a garden this year too. Just tomatoes and peppers...but I agree...LOVE fresh tomatoes!


I love fresh tomatoes! My neigbor has a garden and I love it when he gives us fresh tomatoes!


I miss those nice beefy homegrown tomatoes. Tomatoes, cheese and Miracle Whip on bread. Yum!

Cynthia B.



Good looking tomatoes! Well - the zucchini, cukes & melon look pretty good too!


I love to eat tomatos with sugar, salt and pepper. My father who would be 71 taught me to eat them that way. Hven't done it in years. Thanks for the reminder of the memory. Your produce looks so good. Enjoy!

Anita Ford

My mouth is watering. I love tomatoes!

MaryRuth Francks

I love love love love love garden tomatoes... I'd eat a tomato sandwhich for every meal during the summer given the option!


I miss having a garden. I really must work on having one for next year!

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