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August 27, 2008



Such a wonderful tradition to celebrate the history and then dedication of the temple! Looks like the weather was cooperatively wonderful! Sorry to hear about the crispy feet - ouch that hurts!

Karen Helmka

Ouch on the crispy feet!
Sounds like a wonderful day! Fun photos!


I am sure it was a beautiful ceremony and a great day of celebration. What is the meaning of the blue scarfs? that everyone has?

MaryRuth Francks

Sooo cool!!! I love it!!! We've gotten to be part of a couple of different dedications (because we move so much)... always such a neat experience!!!


It looks like a wonderful celebration. Everyone looks so crisp in the white shirts. And I noticed his reading material right away. LOL!


Thank you for the lesson. Ilove that your family is so faith based. I think it clearly shows in the love you have for each other. Beautiful traditions etc. Thanks for sharing.

Anita Ford

Wow! What a wonderful celebration full of meaning. It looks like a wonderful time, even if it did result in crispy feet!


I appreciate the lesson. What a wonderful celebration!

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